Where am I ?

You will born and later you will grow Time will pass and you will never know. One day, someone will tell you that you are not the one who you were before, because you got influenced by the world but you won’t believe and you’ll ignore. Looking forward leaving the past you would start walking and later you’ll run fast. Later when you will look back you won’t find the one’s you need, because my dear you were consumed by all that greed. The one who was a kid is now grown up asking himself a question that after all these things where am I? A voice replied, you’re in the middle of all the chaos or the silence choice is your to choose because whatever you’ll choose my friend you know that you will be forever brusied.

~ Kirti R.

Scars are not always seen from the naked eye but if you want to see them then do look in the person’s eye.


On the darkest of my days when I was broke, I always told myself that to get choke.

People used my kindness for their use, and when they bruise my feelings they called me for the truce.

Still on the darkest of my days when I was broke, I always told myself that not to get choke.

Always lied to my instinct just to trust someone and in the end got betrayed just like everyone.

Again and again the people who were mine betrayed me, and after sometime I was down on my knee.

But on the darkest of my days when I was broke, I just could not control myself and ended up getting choked.

~ Kit KR© (All copyrights reserved)

There is this little good thing about betrayal, that it teaches us about how we fight back when your loved ones stabbed you at your back.

~Kit KR©

What is love?

What is love?

  • It is the feeling which makes us laugh,     It is the bond which gets created on adding two half.
  • In the beginning it is kind of subtle, but as we feel we give ourself a chuckle.
  • Somewhere in between we start a quarrel, but at the end of the day we learn a moral.
  • That moral which makes our relation strong, And then we say sorry because both knew that it was wrong.
  • It is a bond which is based on trust,         and we try to keep it away of getting rust.

~KIT KR® (All copy rights reserved).

Love is that bond which keeps us alive not only when the person is in front of us but also when the person’s  memories live in the heart of their loved ones

~KIT KR® (All copyrights reserved) .

Woman – the pride of the universe.

It was almost midnight but still the girl decided to stand up and fight;

There were 3 men against a single girl, surrounded her in a big curl;

They hunted the girl for their lust,  and were satisfied after pursing their thirst;

The girl was then lying down on the bed, creepy thoughts arrived into her head; 

Later she killed herself but she never cried. And no one could conclude that it’s a murder and not a suicide 😦

~Kit KR® 

Remember to respect every women. Using her to complete your lust isn’t a great thing. Be a man on whom she can trust.

~Kit KR® (all copyrights reserved)

The talkative eyes…

The eyes which are fearless to fight, The eyes which stay awake the whole night;

The eyes which got fire to work, The eyes which likes to stay lurk;

The eyes which got emotions,The eyes which spread love like ocean;

The eyes which carries lie,The eyes which secretly spy;

The eyes which rapidly cry,The eyes which are always dry;

The eyes which always looks for a gleam,Are the eyes which will get closed with some incomplete dream…

~Kit KR ® (All copyright reserved)


”Eyes are those part of the body which can express any feeling without saying a word” ~Kit KR®